Email marketing Your marketing strategy isn't complete unless you include this overlooked tactic

Email marketing is a direct method of communication with your customer (or potential customer). Even if you sell shoes or fish or web services or you do coaching or consulting you need communication with your customers.  With email marketing you send an email in the private email inbox of your customer. This is a very direct method. Sending an email is direct enough to tell them the story about your business.

This is one unique feature. You get in the inbox of your customer (or potential customer) but you let him/her to choose when is the right time to read your email. Imagine the difference in sales results between a direct phone call in busy work hours and a polite email. If the customer is really interested in what you have to say then email marketing is the best method to approach. If you really care about your customers and you want to make a good, honest sale or just a good communication then you should consider using this.

This feature is unbeatable. You write a good email and this reaches 100,1.000 or 10.000 of your customers with the same content, with the same behaviour, with the same offer, with the exactly same way. If you are using autoresponders you can have a series or scenarios of ready to go emails for your new subscribers. 

Email marketing on average returns around $30-40 for every dollar spent. This is one of the biggest ROI (Return Of Investment)  in the advertising market. This type of marketing strategy is extremely cheap if you have a company starting now with no profits at all.

Another unbeatable feature. You send an email which reaches 100, 1.000, 10.000 or more email subscribers in the next ten minutes. No other method can have the same results. By marketing with email you send your message and you ‘knock’ on your customers door when they have the time to see you. And you do that in minutes.

When you are using marketing by email you can count how many emails you send how many of your emails are opened and when how many of your email subscribers took your email offer If you combine this feature with the extremely low cost of this method then you get a really big advantage from any other advertising method. As they say ‘You can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure’.

An extremely powerful feature is that you can segment your email list according customer preferences. 

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