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The Process How We Do It


The most important part of the process, is our no obligation FREE consultation. Knowing your are dealing with a caring and REAL person, is of great benefit for both parties. It establishes a personal connection that hopefully will progress into a last relationship.


We analyse your business needs and your target clients. With that information we create a perfect business model, tailored just for you.


Research is at the heart of what we do. Understanding our clients and their customers to create an effective gameplan is essential to success.

Our Startup Packages Are Tailored For Your Specific Business

  • Website Design (That Reflects Your Business Message)
  • Branding ( That Builds Your Online Indentity)
  • Marketing Plan ( Your Way Forward For Your Business Online)
  • Marketing Strategies ( How To Achieve Your Desired Outcomes)
  • Ongoing Support ( Critical In Maximising Your Dollar Spend)

Not going online for the first time?

Whether you need a website design refresh or a change in your current marketing strategies, we have you covered there as well!

Businesses That Started Their Journey With Us

And Are Still A Part Of Our Family Today!

Testimonials From Businesses We Have helped Move Forward

  • Fast, efficient and new exactly, what I wanted for 

    my online presence, made all the difference to scaling up

    D. Crandon
    Founder, TotalFighterFit
  • Ecotourism, is something we are passionate about 

    Having a website that can display what we are is vital,

    John and his team put our business on the map

    Hag Joanne and Naomi
    G and J Smith
    Owner/Operators, Bhundoo Bush Cottages
  • We wanted to be more than just a postal service,

    Yellow Brick Road Marketing Solutions showed 

    the world we were..

    R and C Yadav
  • Having a site that reflects what my business 

    was all about is vital in getting my message

    to my target audience, that was accomplished with

    ease by John and his team..

    J. Marriner
    Head Coach / Marketing Manager, JRC Marketing

We Have The Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

Here at Yellow Brick Marketing Solutions, we love small and startup businesses.
It is the our responsibility to help YOU understand the digital activities that you are paying for and to communicate that, in simple clear language.
You need a relationship, not a transaction, we’ll treat you firstly as humans and business partners, not just meal tickets or contracts.
We feel digital marketing must serve the total marketing and business strategy, it’s critical to create and design digital campaigns which support your overall marketing strategies, address specific challenges and goals, and achieve real results, whilst also strengthening the business and brand.
It’s important to commence all our engagements with a long-term view, we strive in developing respectful and trusting partnerships for the long haul.
We also are very aware that every dollar counts in small business, digital marketing like all other forms of marketing must deliver a return, we offer a more strategic, consultative approach for real business and marketing results. 

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