Social media marketing & management

One of the most incredibly powerful tools for small business owners is social media marketing. It reaches thousands, if not millions of prospects everyday, it shares information, drives sales and increases brand awareness, and the giant is facebook. If you don’t have a facebook presence you are potentially leaving big money on the table.
The information that is provided to facebook and other social media platforms on a daily bases, can be used to laser target your customers wants, needs and likes, as no other media can. Ever wondered why that product you were just checking out online just happens to be on your Facebook feed all of a sudden?

 It Makes Good Business Sense To Be Getting Your  Message Out There Through Social Media 

Social media marketing solutions everything you will need to connect with your market

There is one obvious reason WHY you should choose social media marketing for your business… More Leads. Our tailored social media marketing solutions are designed to achieve that. Being able to assess traffic and visitors movements and to be able to adjust campaigns to suit is key to increasing your ROI (Return On Investment).

Creating a community or to start conversations around your brand or simply to engage more efficiently with your prospects or existing customers, social media does it best.

Three Reasons Why Social Media Is The Wise Choice For Any Business

Building Communities

Building communities around your business is what we want to achieve. Followers can influenced local trends and create real growth in your business. Monetize your social media opportunities.

Content That Engages Your Followers

At Yellow Brick Road Marketing Solutions, we are serious about how your message is seen across your social media platforms. In consultation with you, creating original and unique content that will engage your followers and be reflective of your brand, is how we roll.

Monitor and Measure Results

Measuring your social media results is not a set and forget, it must be monitored continuously to show you how your online presence is developing and in doing that, you can respond to the changing trends and needs of your target market.

Social Media Optimisation Packages Start at $599 Giving You the freedom to to concentrate on what's important


Yellow Brick Road Marketing Solutions well be with you every step of the way to social media success. Our ongoing support is second to none, simply because we care enough to see it through. We can also help with staff training, if you want to handle it in-house.